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tv   CNN Saturday Morning  CNN  February 17, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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well, it's after valentine's day, and there's probably chocolate left over just about everywhere. here's some good news. you don't have to avoid it. in fact, dark chocolate can be heart-healthy. they have flavenoids and can protect the body from aging caused by free radicals that can lead to heart disease. these flavenoids can also help lower blood pressure and improve blood flow to the brain and heart but just one ounce a few times a week is plenty. a little chocolate can go a long way. that's going to wrap things up for "sgmd." follow me on twitte twitter @drsanjaygupta. up next, a check of your top stories making news right now. here we go again. more snow blanketing the east
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coast and causing massive pileups like this. new details about oscar pistorius alleged murder of his model girlfriend. what his family is sayinged about the fallen superstar now. and guess who is turning 50? a look back at the career of the man, the athlete, the legend, michael jordan. did the alarm go off a little too early for you on a sunday. glad to have your company. i'm christi paul here at 8:00 a.m. in the east and 5:00 for you early birds in the west. this morning i want to begin talking to you about severe winter weather. look at this thing, a blinding whiteout in detroit. that's what led to this massive pile-up there. on a major freeway there. no immediate reports of fatalities which is the great news. even 44 vehicles collided and
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heavy snow squalls closed roads in other regions. he here's victims of the i-75. >> like someone threw a white sheet over the windshield and we couldn't hear anything. >> more cashes you could hear smashing behind each other. >> that's just frightening. a white sheet and all you hear is that. today the northeast, going a little bit further east, faces another blast of severe weather as well. just, of course, a week after last weekend eats monster blizrd, and then down the east coast, snow is falling, at least it has, pretty fast in parts of north carolina. cnn weather center meteorologist samantha moore with me right now. so talk to us about the folks in new england. give them a head's up. >> yeah. we have some advisories and watches and warnings to share with them. more winter weather working its way in as this work its way up
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the coast a. winter storm warning for the cape. we could could easily see 5 to 9 inches of snowfall there, and it's going tonight winds that are causing the trouble. once again blowing the snow sideways and making for blizzard conditions. meaning visibility less than a quarter mile across much of maine toe bangor, calais, houlton, all included in that blizzard warning with gusty wind that are really going to be blowing. look at it throughout the afternoon and evening, a peak of 50 miles per hour in the boston area. i know you cleaned up after last weekend, but now you'll have to deal with more blowing snow, and the winds are going to continue to be strong throughout tomorrow morning as well, around 41 miles per hour in boston and 36 miles per hour in new york city so that's going to make those temperatures feel even colder than it feels right now. there's the snow coming down east maine and into the boston area and providence. heading to this hour, heavy snow at times. likely will see half a foot in boston accumulating.
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a lot will be blowing around, and then off the coast of the carolinas you can see the moisture working its way off the coastline itself, but behind that we're dealing with winter weather conditions, winter weather advisory in place here through 10:00. watch for black ice. once again, it's really hard to see as you come over the roadways there, and it makes it very slick and do be expecting to see some of that on bridges and overpasses, specifically. here's the current windchill in florida. can you believe this? this is the sunshine state and we're talking and feeling like 26 degrees in gainesville and 24 in jacksonville is what it feels like right now and even in south florida, we're talking temperatures here in the mid-30s in sarasota and ft. pierce. that's the windchill factor. that's when you combine the winds along with the actual temperature, and we still have a hard freeze warning in place in the dark blue areas marked on your map here, and that's going to continue again tonight, so, of course, we'll be monitoring the cy truss crops here, christi, because this could really be impactful.
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once again the orange juice prices, grapefruit juice prices will be going back up. >> darn. all righty. mother nature hits us sometimes in the strangest ways. >> sure does. >> thank you so much. >> so good to see your smiling face today. weather is also on the mind of climate change activists in washington today, and they are taking their message to the front gates of the white house. here's emmy schmidt with most. >> temperatures are in the 30s this weekend in washington, d.c. as environmental activists are coming here hoping to heat up political talk about climate change. they are planning a gathering on the national mall with a march to the white house. it will be the second high-profile event organized in a week by groups including the sierra club and wednesday dozens of environmental actstists, including actress daryl hannah, were arrested after they cuffed themselves to the white house gate. hanna said the message is clear and critical. >> we're out here saying, president obama, you must reject
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the keystone pipeline. >> the pipeline would export oil from canada to the gulf of mexico. supporters say it creates jobs while helping the u.s. to become more energy independent. opponents think the pipeline could threaten water supplies in the environment. the obama administration put off deciding whether to okay the project until after the presidential election. the state department says a final decision on the pipeline could come this spring. one scientist at the kato institute predicts the president will green light the pipeline. >> i think the white house has probably made its decision on keystone. the political calculus is obvious. if they come out against, it they are going to pay a very big price. >> president obama talked about climate change in his state of the union address last week, but he did not specifically mention the keystone xl pipeline. christi. >> all right. emily, thank you so much. robert kennedy jr. was among those protesting the keystone pipeline. he was even arrested during a demonstration outside the white house this past week. we'll get his perspective on the message that he's trying to send
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to the president. that's coming up in a couple of minutes. want to get you to vatican city and pope benedict's farewell tour. he spoke in several languages in st. peter's square and he got to spanish and thanked the faithful in the wake of his decision, of course, to resign and asked for prayers for the next pope as well. this was a larger than usual crowd for the weekly prayer by the pope, because it's one of his last scheduled public appearances before he leaves the vatican at the end of the month so the day after he leaves the cardinal of colleges is expected to pick his successor and coming up at the half hour, we want to take a closer look at you with the intrigue and secrecy with the church as well as hollywood's obsession with the vatican. think about all the movies that come out about it. >> we are now hearing from jess jess jr.'s family just a day after his details of his plea bargain went public. jackson admitted to using campaign funds for personal expenses, such as a $43,000
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watch and apparently some fur coats. his brother talked about jackson's health and how he's handling recent events. >> still under a strict regiment with the doctors, and he's had to deal with the compounding issues of his health as well as legal issues, and so he's been working through both simultaneously, so we ask that you continue to be mindful that he's not -- he's not able to speak for himself. >> now, remember, jesse jackson jr. stepped aside to deal with his health problems. jackson could be sentenced to as many as five careers in prison. so let's go to washington, and a first draft of the president's immigrants plan. remember, this is just a draft, but "usa today" is reporting it was sent to several federal agencies and includes an eight-year path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. in the senate the so-called group of eight is also working towards concrete legislation on immigration, and a white house spokesman says the president's plan is a way forward only if
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congress fails to act. florida republican senator marco rukio is part that have gang of eight and called the president's plan half-baked and seriously flawed. rubio is in the middle east right now visiting israel and jordan and talking to leaders in both of those countries, and the timing is the interesting part of this for a lot of people because you see, president obama is scheduled to travel to israel next month. right now though the president is getting a little r & r in rubio's home state of florida, and it's led to some tense moments in the skies above vacation spots. fighter jets were called in twice tonight september small planes that strayed into that restricted airspace. the secret service and the faa are investigating, by the way. let's get to south africa. relatives of off theus are strongly disputing prosecutor campaigns that the olympic track star committed premeditated
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murder. he is jail right now waiting for a bond hearing. pistorius' agent says he denies the allegation and his uncle spoke to reporters yesterday. >> after consulting with our legal representatives, we deeply regret the allegations of premeditated murder. we have no doubt there is no substance for the allegations and that the state's own case, including its own forensic evidence, strongly refute any possibility of a premeditated murder. or murder as such. >> meanwhile, a south african network went ahead with the reality show featuring steenkamp and the executive producer says the decision to air that show was certainly a tough one. he said the first episode was dedicated to reeva's memory, but
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there was a lot of talk about whether that was appropriate to air. in addition to family reaction, track and field's biggest star usain bolt is speaking out about it. you'll hear his thoughts coming up. stay close. oh! progress-oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are saying "progress-oh!" share your progress-oh! story on facebook.
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♪ i wanna be like mike ♪ like mike >> okay. you remember that one and how old do you feel right now? because i'm feeling my age. he may be known for wearing number 23. today it's all about the big 5-0 for his airness, yes. michael jordan is celebrating his 50th birthday today. for you kids, watch and look. before there was lebron, before there was kobe. michael jordan was whipg the floor with the competition. the five-time nba mvp won six championships with the chicago bulls. a look at the career of the man considered by many to be the greatest basketball player ever. >> i'll do anything to win. limits like fears are often just
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an illusion. >> into the circle. puts the shot in the air. good! >> when the light comes on, i'm the biggest competitor as anybody you know. >> jordan a drive, hangs, fires, scores! >> i know, i know. we see this, and we're feeling our aiming. certainly happy birthday to mr. jordan. you know, the world's fastest man usain bolt is speaking out right now about fellow sprinter off theus. pistorius, as you know, accused of killing his girlfriend valentine's day. here's what bolt told our rachel nichols. >> when i heard, it was like what? who, as in the amputee, the guy
5:17 am
who ran the 400 meters? i was asking that kind of question because this can't be the same guy that i've seen and that i know, and i still can't process it really. i'm trying to process what really happened, what's going on, so as far as i'm concerned, i'm just listening to the news, to hear what's up, follow twitter, and just see what's going on because for me i'm feeling the slightest shock for what happened. >> we'll continue obviously to follow this and let you know what the reaction is in sports all across the world really when it comes to that one, but bringing you some other sports headlines down. danica patrick turned the attention off her personal life, and on to her driving by smoking the competition in practice for the daytona 500. joe carter joining us now with this morning's bleacher report, and that is, i'm sure, not an easy task because people are distracted by her personal life, right? >> very much so. really become poverty story lately, unfortunately, for her. that's because she's dating
5:18 am
ricky stenhouse jr., also a nascar driver, her competitor and happens to be five years younger, so as you can imagine plenty of headlines off of that one, and on to have of that danica's critics say she's not ready to race full-time in nascar. calling it a publicity stunt and ratings grabber and yesterday she shut the critics up by letting her driving do the talking clocking in at 196 miles per hour, the fastest run of the day which puts her in the greatest position today to become the first female to win the pole at the daytona 500. more of a curse than a blessing to be a top ranked team in college basketball. last night a big dog went down again. duke had a chance to win or tie at the buzzer, but as you'll see the dukies, the shot does not go down for them. they lose to unranked maryland, 83-81, and in the last five weeks the top ranked team in college hoops has lost. of course, this is good though. this only means march madness is going to be total chaos. in my opinion it's the best part
5:19 am
of the nba all-star weekend. the dunk contestify. defending champ jeremy evans, the dude dunks over a painting. watch, that painting happens to be of himself dunking, and, you know what? he painted that painting himself, and he even signs the painting. i think it's going on ebay. i don't know. how do you one-up a dunk over a painting? of course, you dunk over a kid. that's right. terrance ross plays for the toronto raptors. watching the replay his knee just clears the kid's head. that's nice though. the judge liked it. terrance ross the 2013 slam dunk champion. for all your entertaining sports news, of course, check out all-star game begins tonight on our sister network tnt. coverage 7:00 p.m. eastern. it's going to be a whole lot of offense, very little defense, christi. >> and you know where joe is going to be now? in front of the tv, 7:00. thank you, joe. robert kennedy jr. hauled away from the white house in
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good morning. all of our friends waking up in washington, d.c., you know who you are. and always a camera obviously on the white house, but there's going to be even more possibly today because environmental activists from across the country are planning a rally there in washington to bring attention to climate change starting at mall we believe and ending at the white house. some got an early start.
5:24 am
earlier this week robert kennedy j and others, including his son connor and actress darryl hannah were arrested after handcuffing themselves to the white house gate. here's the thing. they are protesting an oil pipeline that they say would contribute to global warming. hln's susan hendricks spoke to kennedy about what happened, and how he thinks the president is handling this issue. >> i think virtually everybody who was in that crowd. 50 people got arrested and thousands of people in the crowd, and they all support obama. they believe that he is going to kill the xl pipeline but, you know, he's under such pressure from industry money. the oil industry is the richest industry in the history of mankind. >> you said it's a project that's going tone rich a few billion airs by impoverishing the rest of humanity. are you trying to send that message to obama? >> environmental injury is
5:25 am
deficit spending. it's a way of imposing the costs of our generation's prosperity and the wealth of billion airs in this case on to the backs of our children, you know. we can treat the planet as if it were a business in liquidation and convert our natural resources to cash as quickly as possible and have a few years of pollution-based prosperity and make the koch brothers wealthy and impoverishing everybody else, but our children are the ones that are going to pay for the joy rude and denuted landscapes and poor health and cleanup costs that will amplify over time and that they will never be able to pay. >> what about the supporters though who say that it will be instrumental in helping the u.s. become more energy efficient? what do you say to them? >> well, i don't even understand that argument because this is not american oil and it's not coming to the united states. it's passing through the united states, the plan to a refinery in galveston and then it's going
5:26 am
to be exported to china and other places in the world, and it's canadian oil, so i -- i real -- you know, even the state department, which formally was kind of boosting this project, has said that at most it's going to produce about 150 jobs. and it's going to destroy ultimately many more jobs than that. you know, the first pipeline they built leaked 12 times in 12 months. the next pipeline they built had the biggest leak in american history when it crossed the kalamazoo river in 2010, and they are still cleaning it up. this is the most likely oil to leak out of a pipeline because it's very corrosive, and once it leaks, we don't know how to clean it up. >> so many people are passionate about this, including your soon who was arrested with you, your son connor, and you said he's getting more attention than you are. >> yeah. i believe he is, yeah. but connor -- for connor there's
5:27 am
a very personal issue. he was born with asthma, and he -- and his -- the kind of asthma he has is particularly -- is triggered by ozone and particulates in the atmosphere. the ozone and particulates are coming mainly from power plants and to some extent from automobile emissions so he actually gets sick on bad air days. >> there's such an interest in your family. why do you think that continues today? >> my family's history is really in many ways the history of this country, and particularly the history of immigrants coming into this country, and then my uncle, john kennedy, became the first catholic president of the united states, and he had a vision for this country that was idealistic. it was a vision that we should be examples to the world, that we -- the world wanted -- that we should model democracy and we should perfect the union. >> well, it's certainly been a
5:28 am
pleasure and an honor. robert kennedy jr. >> thank you, susan. >> all righty. so we'll continue to follow that, of course, but speaking of the kennedys. if you're interested at all in owning a piece of camelot. might be time to pull out your credit card. hundreds of pieces of kennedy family memorabilia are going to hit the auction blocks, including jfk's air force one bomber jacket and a marked-up itinerary for the slain president's 1963 trip to dallas. the items were found in the home of one of jfk's special assistants apparently. mystery, drama, backstabbing. we're not talking about the latest tv hit. we're talking about the process to pick a new pope. we'll look into it with you. who do you think i am, quicken loans? ♪ at quicken loans, our amazingly useful mortgage calculator app allows you to quickly calculate your mortgage payment
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it is so good to share the morning with you. welcome back to cnn's "sunday morning." i'm christi paul in for randi kaye. bottom of the hour, hope sunday is okay for you so far. want to get caught up on what we're waving. in los angeles, people are showing support for cop killer christopher dorner. now, i want to clarify this for you because the group protested outside the l.a. police department yesterday and said while with a what dorner did was wrong by killing four people and injuring others, they do believe his claims of racism and unfair treatment by his former department, and the protesters say police corruption needs to be addressed. >> i think there are a lot of honest policemen out there trying to serve the people, but it is just atrocious what mr. dorner did, and we don't
5:33 am
want it to happen again. >> dorner died from a single bullet wound to the head during a standoff last week. an idaho man accused of slapping a fussy toddler and using a racial slur friday on a delta flight has been suspended from his job now. he's an executive with an aerospace company. the firm calls the allegations against him disturbing. the 60-year-old faces an assault charge that could land him a year behind bars. the boy's mom says her son started crying because of an altitude change. we know how that goes right. hundley's attack only made him scream louder. okay. i want to get to you florida where the great python challenge has ended. look at that thing. that was a state-sponsored hunt for burmese pythons, an inchasive snake species to the state. the state yielded 68 pythons in the 100,000 expected to live in the everglades. the longest of the giant snakes, 14 feet, 3 inches, and it netted the huntary prifz 1,000 bucks.
5:34 am
maybe a pair of shoots, abuse, i don't know what they are going to do with that. in russia they are cleaning up the damage caused by the exploding meteor but they may want to deal with another explorer, a tourism boom. meteorite hunters, yes, they exist, are booking a trip to the ural mountains to see what's left after the once in a life time event. no way to know how many fragments of that meteor hit the ground after it blew up, but it could be very profitable, apparently. to the vatican where 100,000 faithful packed st. peter's square this morning because, of course, it was pope benedict xvi's first sunday blessing since he announced his retirement. and his second to last before he leaves the papacy february 28th. now, the pope recalled the temptation of jesus. he talked about the, quote, decisive moments of our lives. so for a lot of people it surely you would think called to mind the pope's own very unusual decision, let's call it, to resign. the pope begins a week-long l t
5:35 am
lenten retreat. so far's today's faces of faith, we're talking about the mystery and the ritual and secrecy behind the proses to pick a new pope. cardinals used to fear, did you know this, being murdered if they were considered for the job, yeah, just like in the movies. >> trying to make you believe the illum ninatti returned to worm. >> four cardinals were kidnapped inside their quarters between 3:00 and 4:00. shortly afterwards that document was sent to the office and along the threats the cardinals will be executed one per hour beginning at 8:00 p.m. tonight in rome. >> that scene, by the way in, "angels and demons." when a conspiracy group plots down to take down the catholic church while selecting a new pope. in the real world the process is beginning without a murder plot. joining us to talk about it
5:36 am
though, john allen, senior cnn vatican analyst in ron. papal success is one of the most -- it's seek yet and intense in the history of the world really. what is this going to be like? >> reporter: lay, christi, you're absolutely right. not only is this mystery-soaked, but as you indicated in the old days they used to play for some very high stakes. bear in mind that when benedict xvi leaves the vatican on february 28th, the last thing that will happen is the college of cardinals will say farewell to him. they will do that in a room that is named for a pope, pope clement, who several centuries ago was kidnapped, taken to the crimea, executed. his body was tossed into a river with an anchor around it so it couldn't pop back up. i mean, this is not just the stuff of dan brown. this is the stuff of real life. nobody is expecting this time around it's going to be quite that dramatic. but when we're talking about a leadership change for a church with 1.2 billion followers all over the world, it's obviously
5:37 am
momentous, and when the cardinals file into the sistine chapel sometime in march to begin casting their ballots in this very heavily secretive process, you can bet your bottom dollar they will be thinking very, very carefully and doing an awful lot of prayer trying to reach a decision about which guy they want to vote for. >> i know they are behind closed doors, and people are probably wondering why is this so secretive. can you reveal to us some of the rituals. >> reporter: sure. the reason it's secretive is they don't want anybody influencing the vote. i mean, in the old days kings and emperors and various factions would try to get to the cardinals so they locked behind themselves a door. conclave is from two latin words meaning with a key. each cardinal will swear an oath individually in latin never to reveal what happens behind those locked doors. then, when they actually get to
5:38 am
the moment to vote, each one will process up individually holding his ballot. he will swear before god that he is voting for the man that he believes in conscience ought to be elected. that's dropped no a chalice, silver chalice. after all 117 cardinals have cast their votes, and there's one group of three cardinals that will do a verse count and will announce what the count is as it unfolds, another group of three cardinals will then check to make sure the first count was right. all told, christi, one round of voting usually takes about two hours to get done. >> good heavens. is the papacy still as politically powerful a position as it was say hundreds of years ago? >> actually, christi, i think a lot of people would tell you that the papacy is perhaps more political relevant today in some ways that it's ever been. think about it. we saw during john paul's reign that he played a central role in the collapse of european communism by inspiring the solidarity movement in poland. the people's power movement in the philippines that brought
5:39 am
down the marxist regime would never have happened without the political involvement of the catholic church. scholars these days are writing books about the revenge of god, that religion is making a comeback as a political player. two-thirds of the 1.2 billion catholics in the world today live outside the west, and most live in societies where religion is critically important, so, yeah, i would say there's still some gas left in the church's political gas tank. >> john, real quickly, only a couple of seconds left here, but what do you know specifically in regards to what they are looking for for a pope? stances on abortion, same-sex marriage, that kind of thing. >> reporter: well, all these cardinals have been appointed by john paul and benedict so they are all in agreement on the main. of course they are looking for a hole guy but three things quickly, one, somebody with a global vision, two, somebody who is a missionary, who can take the church's message to the street and, three, somebody who can fix the perceived internal governance problems in the vatican itself.
5:40 am
you roll all that up, you probably have a pope. >> john allen, so good to get your insight. thank you so much for being with us today. >> sure. >> and for more stories on faith, be sure to check out our belief blog at okay, it's called the annual oscar nominees luncheon. we were there, talking with all the famous faces, hoping to win the most recognized trophy in the world. highlights from the ultimate hollywood celebration coming up for you, but first gary tuchman takes us for a ride in the solar-powered tricycle with a cute lique little name in this "start small, think big." >> hi. i'm rob kotter, founder and ceo of organic transfer, and we make the elf. >> reporter: this is a pedal powered tricycle that has an electric motor to help out when needed. >> federally it's classified in the u.s. as a bicycle. >> reporter: and that has some advantages. >> it's able to go anywhere a
5:41 am
bicycle goes. because it is a bicycle it doesn't need insurance, nine specks or registration. mirrors like a car, horn, blinkers, headlights, and -- and it makes it very safe. >> reporter: koert has been tinkering with environmentally conscious vehicles like the elf for 13 years. the elf's body is made mostly from recycled plastic and the frame from 45% recycled aluminum. the solar-charged battery can be charged in seven hours or could be plugged in. >> for a commuter had a has to go into work dressed up, can't get sweaty riding a bike, they pull into work, don't need a shower. leave the sneak in the sun all day and charges back up and on the way home, got an exercise and pedal on the way home >> reporter: production models weighs about 100 pounds including battery, motor and solar panel. the elf is being delivered to customers starting in march. great, everybody made it.
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then you're going to love this. right now they're only $14.95! wow-a grt deal just got a whole lot better. hurry. $14.95 won't last. all right. so you can't wait another week for hollywood's biggest awards show, right? aren't you in luck. entertainment correspondent initial turner got to sit down with all the nominees for a special oscar look ahead. check it out here. >> one of my favorite parts. >> reporter: annual oscar nominees luncheon. >> today was the first day where i felt like, oh, this is really happening. >> reporter: a great excuse to get dolled up. >> normally stay in my pajamas forever. >> reporter: and break bread. >> eat five pounds. >> reporter: or not. >> did we have a lunch? >> reporter: with the who's who
5:46 am
at this year's academy awards. >> talked to spiteven spielberg and say hello, ridiculous. >> reporter: no winners or losers, just nominees. >> here are some of them now. >> reporter: for some, the beloved tradition is a reminder of early oscar memories. >> my father worked for price waterhouse. when the accountants used to come on the oscars, we would go crazy, and i remember one year my dad saying i had a meeting with that guy once, and i just thought my dad was it. for me these something beyond the realms of imagination. >> reporter: for others the occasion validates years of sacrifice. >> it just seemed like it was just too hard to continue the struggle. i was like i can't take this rejection anymore, and then suddenly just as i made that decision i would get to the point where i bought my ticket home and then i would get a call. >> reporter: it mixes the excitement of youth. >> i'm looking around at all of these legends and my heroes.
5:47 am
>> reporter: with the confidence of veteran. >> older and wiser. >> reporter: for the ultimate hollywood celebration. >> it's incredible. i saw helen hunt today, and i was able to sort of communicate how much i loved her performance. >> and sally field, got to know sally field throughout this, someone i've idolized my whole life. >> just the epitome of what we are. >> reporter: what was the most fun part about today? >> all of it. >> reporter: nischelle turner, cnn. >> the president pushing a bold agenda in washington right now, facing opposition from not only republicans but his own party. we'll take a look at how he plans to make it all work. she keeps you guessing.
5:48 am
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new nectresse. sweetness naturally. let's see what you got. rv -- covered. why would you pay for a hotel? i never do. motorcycles -- check. atv. i ride those. do you? no. boat. house. hello, dear. hello. hello. oh! check it -- [ loud r&b on car radio ] i'm going on break! the more you bundle, the more you save. now, that's progressive. the state of the union address is always a reminder of how unique america is. for much of human history -- for much of -- >> are you sorry?
5:51 am
are you sure you don't want to -- >> i'm fine, i'm fine. for much of human history people -- >> that reminds me of jim care why in "bruce almighty." saturday saturday having fun at the extension of senator marco rubio. no saturday saturday going on at the white house. president obama laying out this ambitious address at this week's state of the union, but does he have enough support among democrats to get anything past republicans? candy crowley joins us now from washington. gun control, immigration. i mean, candy, how does the president plan to navigate these obstacles in congress? >> hoping the senate democrats will navigate it for him. here's his problem politically, and there are six senate democrats up for re-election in 2014 who are in states that voted for mitt romney, so we would call them vulnerable.
5:52 am
so if you bring up gun control, particularly in some of these interior west states and southern states and it includes an assault weapons ban, you cannot necessarily count on those senate democrat. it's not just about republicans. it's also about the senate democrats, so this is going to have a lot to do i think with harry reid and with those in the senate who can figure out the art of the doable which is really what politics is about. what can we get that will at once move the president's agenda forward and still protect those who might be vulnerable, vulnerable democrats, in 2014. >> all righty. candy crowley, thank you so much. candy, good to see you this morning. stay tuned for "state of the union" with candy crowley, of course, starting at the top of the hour, 9:00 a.m. eastern, 6:00 a.m. pacific right here on cnn. all right. flipping the switch here.
5:53 am
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well, a sea turtle in japan is swimming happily ever after, i should say now, after being fit with a new pair of prosthetic flippers. you've got to see this. scientists think that 25-year-old loggerhead lost her front legs in a shark attack several years ago. biologists have spent the last four years trying to build her a replacement pair. this was their 27th attempt, people, to give this turtle some
5:57 am
new limbs, and apparently they were a perfect fit. they were attached to a vest that slips over her head. how is this for adorable? look at this born without the use of his hand legs. the piglet has become an internet sensation. ♪ a quick thinking vet made him a wheelchair from a set of kinex toys, wheeling and dealing ever since, proof his owners are hip and humorous. his name chris p. bacon. just his name. hopefully not coming true. for more on his story head to and a montana tv station says hackers broke into their emergency alert system and aired a warning that the dead are rising from their graves and attacking the living. listen to this. >> authorities in your area have reported that the bodies of the dead are rising from their
5:58 am
graves and attacking the living. follow the messages on screen that will be updated as information becomes available. >> are you kidding? a local paper, "the great falls tribune" says a handful of confused people called police to see whether it was true. thatmergency alert was aired during afternoon tv and they are trying to find out how this happened. ♪ forget "gangnam style." the latest viral video craze is called the harlem shake, and it is prolific at this point. this 2-week-old video, two weeks, posted by folks at maker studios, has 14 million hits and is one of thousands of videos people are posting of them sells getting down to a track of brooklyn producer bauer. youtube says harlem shake videos have been viewed 44 million times worldwide. are you kidding me? more from now right now.
5:59 am
okay. what the heck is this craze? i mean, it's just a couple weeks old, right? >> you have not made one. >> no. >> you have to make a harlem shake. according to youtube there's 12,000 versions as of friday so during this segment there's probably another couple hundred. it's remarkable. very simple video. 30 seconds. every one of them. the first ten seconds, one person just stands there, guy dancing sort of like this and everyone else ignores him and it changes and explodes, and that's where the fun, is watching people, how they express themselves at the moment of the jump cut all the time, and some of them are real -- some of them are hard to make and some are really easy. all you need is a camera, a friend and 15 minutes you'll have your 15 minutes of fame. can't get any easier than that. there's one made where a dad and son made it in front of his computer just sitting there, and it has millions of hits in a week. >> oh, come on. ksla news, i love it. >> this is the thing. as we watch this, you can't help but wonder are there any guidelines, and any,